About Us

Mobile Valeting

Pro Reflect offer a fully mobile service within a 45 mile radius of SO40 postcode. The self sufficient van carries everything required to clean your vehicle including pure water and electric. Pure water is one aspect that separates Pro Reflect from other detailers. Water spots happen when hard water evaporates leaving behind mineral deposits. Sometimes these deposits can be washed off the paint but they can also etch the paints surface requiring specific polishing methods to safely remove. Using pure water ensures that there is no chance of water spots being left.


With so many products available on the market, what works for one person may not work for another. All of the products used are of professional quality and not found in your local shop; such as Autosmart, CarPro, Collinite, Dodo Juice, Envy Car Care, Gtechniq, Menzerna, Nanolex, Rupes, Scholl Concepts, SiRamik, and Valet Pro.
Pro Reflect became an approved member of the Professional Valeters & Detailers Trade Association in 2014. This means Pro Reflect has been independently assessed regarding appropriate insurance, a proven track record and client satisfaction.
Envy Car Care’s continuous development of their entire range of products has made them some of the best products on the market to safely maintain a vehicle. Having used them on a daily basis since the beginning of 2014; Pro Reflect is now officially an Envy Car Care Authorised Reseller.
SiRamik Glasscoat has become one of the most sought after glass coatings on the market. In October 2015, Pro Reflect became a SiRamik Accredited Detailer, offering the best possible protection for your vehicle. All SiRamik coatings can be used on vehicle paintwork, wheels, plastics and glass (with the exception of the windscreen), making it a one product for all surfaces.
In October 2016, Pro Reflect became a Dodo Juice Authorised Detailer. As a ‘DAD’ customers can have complete confidence as we have passed the Dodo Juice Criteria, complying with their high insurance requirements and machine polishing skills.