Interior Valet

It’s quite common for owners to neglect their vehicles interior. Maybe the owner has dogs, kids or this is a new purchase that requires the interior to be comprehensively cleaned prior to ownership.
The Pro Reflect Interior Valet offers the next level up from the Standard Valet as a standalone offering which will dramatically improve the appearance of the interior regardless of the age or condition. If your vehicle’s interior requires deep cleaning then this is the service for you with no stone unturned.
~ The interior is first vacuumed throughout and all litter removed.
~ Dash, centre console and air vents are all carefully brushed, removing dust and other particles.
~ An all purpose cleaner is used to remove general built up grime.
~ Depending on how badly stained the interior is, a wet vac or steam cleaner is used to remove ingrained dirt and kill bacteria.
~ If the vehicle has leather upholstery, then it is given a deep clean with a water based product.
~ All glass and mirrors are cleaned throughout using a specific glass cleaner.
~ All interior plastics are cleaned using an all purpose cleaner and protected, where necessary, with a silicone free product for a natural finish.
~ The entire boot space is cleaned including spare wheel.
Time taken – 1 day minimum
Prices from £175
Please note: If a vehicle is anything less than originally described (badly soiled, pet hair) the prices will be adjusted accordingly. This will always be discussed with you prior to commencing work.

Optional Extras

Odor Removal – £75 (This is an overnight service and the vehicle cannot be entered into whilst the odor removal takes place. Further details available on request).
~ Odor Rescue from CLO2 Systems controls the growth of mold and mildew, kills odor causing bacteria and neutralises all organic and chemical odors caused by cigarettes, pets, urine, vomit, food, mould, mildew, petrol, fish, fire, flooding, sweat, sour milk and all other types of severe stubborn odors.


The Interior Valet also refers to vehicles that have been severely neglected internally rather than externally. The types of vehicles that have dog hair/faeces, bodily fluids, and other unpleasantries from top to bottom and generally haven’t seen any form of cleanliness since leaving the factory. Realistically these need to be quoted in person but as a general rule, a minimum of a 2 day service would need to be booked at £275 per day.