Convertible Roofs

Convertible car owners are particularly aware of how quickly the roof can become dirty and soiled. Convertible roofs, especially those that are kept outdoors, have the tendency to attract moss and mould; and can easily become neglected over time.
Without proper maintenance, constant exposure to the sun and general road grime makes the roof age and fade very quickly. The longer a roof is left with the contaminants in place, the harder it is to remove them. If the unsightly streaked look cannot be fully renovated, then the roof can be redyed. However, in a worst case scenario the roof may need to be replaced and that could cost several hundreds of pounds.
The Convertible Roof service deep cleans the fabric by breaking down the unwanted algae, moss and other vegetation before treating it to a water repellent coating designed to protect and preserve the roof fabric.
~ Depending on roof condition a light vacuum maybe given initially to remove excess dirt.
~ An initial rinse is followed by applying a specific roof cleaner which is worked into the roof fabric before fully rinsing again to remove all suds.
~ This process is repeated several times until >95% of the dirt is removed.
~ The roof is then dried and a water repellent coating is applied to protect and preserve the roof fabric.
Prices from £75 (depending on size of roof and condition, weather permitting)
Please Note: The Convertible Roofs service is an optional extra only and must accompany another service.