Standard Valet

Often referred to as an ‘in-and-out’ or a ‘mini-valet’, here at Pro Reflect we call it a Standard Valet.
The Pro Reflect Standard Valet is an entry level service for all newcomers. The key elements are:
~ The Alloy wheels are first given a pre-rinse along with arches and shut lines. If present, Iron fallout is chemically treated and the wheels cleaned (front faces and behind spokes/inner rim if accessible).
~ A Citrus PreWash/Snowfoam to soften flies and other contaminants.
~ Using the 2 bucket method and lambswool wash mitt, the vehicle has an extensive wash process using a pH-neutral shampoo.
~ The vehicle is then given a final rinse.
~ Tar spots removed.
~ A quick detailing spray is applied to the paintwork to add gloss and protection.
~ Tyres are dressed and the exhaust is polished (where possible).
~ Glass and mirrors are cleaned inside and out.
~ The interior is thoroughly vacuumed and any minor stains removed.
~ All interior plastics are wiped clean. All litter removed.
Time taken – 4 hours
Prices from £110
Please note: If a vehicle is anything less than originally described (badly soiled, pet hair) the prices will be adjusted accordingly. This will always be discussed with you prior to commencing work.

Optional Extras

~ Seats shampooed to remove stains and soilings – £27.50+ (depending on size of vehicle)
~ Engine Bay
~ Headlight Restoration
~ Convertible Roofs