Minor Paint Correction

Over the years, incorrect washing, bad contact and strong chemicals can damage the vehicles paintwork. A two stage machine polish is performed to remove light swirls and scratches, oxidation and generally dull/hazy paintwork.
The first stage is to remove >75% of the surface defects such as swirl marks, scratches, buffer trails, holograms and overspray. The second stage refines the finish leaving sharper reflections, adding gloss and depth to the paintwork.
~ The Alloy wheels are first given a pre-rinse along with arches and shut lines. If present, Iron fallout is chemically treated and the wheels cleaned (front faces and behind spokes/inner rim if accessible).
~ A Citrus PreWash to soften flies and other contaminants.
~ Using the 2 bucket method and lambswool wash mitt, the vehicle an extensive wash process using a pH-neutral shampoo.
~ Tar deposits and metallic fallout chemically treated.
~ The vehicle is then given a final rinse.
~ The remaining bonded contaminates are removed with a clay bar treatment leaving the paint as smooth as glass.
~ The vehicle is blown dry with warm filtered air which allows for a safer touch less drying method.
~ Delicate areas are taped up or removed (if possible) to help with the machine polishing stage.
~ Paint Thickness Gauge is used to measure the total thickness of the paint.
~ Light swirls and scratches removed by machine polishing.
~ Second stage machine polish to refine paintwork finish.
~ The vehicle may be rewashed to remove dust buildup from the polishing stages and is blown dry.
~ Paintwork wiped with a Isopropyl Alcohol to ensure no polishing oils and fingerprints remain leaving a perfect base for the protection to adhere to.
~ A layer of premium grade wax completes the detail.
Time taken – 2+ days
Prices start from £500 and will depend on vehicle size/condition – heavily pitted, soiled, badly scratched etc.
Please note: If a vehicle is anything less than originally described (badly scratched) the prices will be adjusted accordingly. This will always be discussed with you prior to commencing work.

Recommended Protection Upgrades

~ SiRamik APT System Accredited Only Coating – £275

Optional Extras

~ Engine Bay
~ Headlight Restoration
~ Convertible Roofs