SiRamik Glasscoat

Operating as a SiRamik Accredited Detailer, Pro Reflect is able to offer what we believe to be the best and most advanced semi-permanent paint coatings available today. All SiRamik coatings can be used on vehicle paintwork, glass (with the exception of the windscreen), wheels and plastic making it a one product for all surfaces.
In recent years, the industry has really changed and although applying a high quality wax to paintwork still has it’s place, the way forward is to have a ceramic/glass coating applied to protect the paints finish. These coatings typically last for 18-24 months and even longer in most cases depending on how it is maintained. They are anti-static (meaning less dust build up in dry conditions) and have self cleaning properties giving extremely low maintenance, with no need for re-application or partnering with waxes. Basically they make the vehicle effortless to clean and maintain. They are super hydrophobic, have a high resistance to bird droppings and water spotting; insects and flies don’t tend to stick on the front end (a godsend in the summer months) and being a glass coating they help resist wash marring and light swirling.
APT (Advanced Protection Technology) is a 2-part system which when combined contains 175% Silicone Oligomer. When fully cured this system forms an ultra durable and tough coating that has the ability to withstand high levels of bird lime, marring and light scratching. The APT system has a potential durability of over 3+ years. The APT system can only be applied by a SiRamik Accredited Detailer and the vehicle must be strictly prepped prior to application.
Part 1 – SiRamik SC-HR (Heat Resistance) is the base layer and contains 90% of the active ingredient. It has been formulated to withstand extreme temperatures of exhausts and engine components and is ideally suited for alloy wheels and brake calipers. As the base layer for the paintwork this is the toughest and strongest coating SiRamik can offer and on its own will provide unrivaled protection in excess of 2+ years.
Part 2 – SiRamik SC-Ultima is the upper coating containing 85% active ingredient. SC-Ultima, whilst adding further protection, will provide an unbelievable hydrophobic layer adding superior cleaning abilities and extreme gloss. As with all SiRamik products, Ultima is also suitable for all plastics where excellent durability is required.
SiRamik APT Application Cost: £275