Protection Detail

The Pro Reflect Protection Detail is essentially the intensive deep clean for the exterior of the vehicle. This is a very popular service and it is a good idea to have the vehicle protected from the elements all year around, but especially during the Winter season when there is salt on the roads.
The removal of previous waxes, polishes and other surface contaminants including tar and metallic fallout before exfoliating the paintwork with a pre-wax cleanser. The key is then to protect all exterior aspects of the vehicle against the elements.
~ The Alloy wheels are first given a pre-rinse along with arches and shut lines. If present, Iron fallout is chemically treated and the wheels cleaned (front faces and behind spokes/inner rim if accessible).
~ A Citrus PreWash/Snowfoam to soften flies and other contaminants.
~ Using the 2 bucket method and lambswool wash mitt, the vehicle has an extensive wash process using a pH-neutral shampoo.
~ Tar deposits and metallic fallout chemically treated.
~ The vehicle is then given a final rinse.
~ The remaining bonded contaminates are removed with a clay bar treatment leaving the paint as smooth as glass.
~ The vehicle is blown dry with warm filtered air which allows for a safer touch less drying method.
~ A pre-wax cleaner/polish is applied by dual action polisher which, whilst adding gloss and depth, leaves a perfect surface for the protection to be applied.
~ Tyres are dressed and the exhaust is polished (where possible).
~ A layer of Gyeon Q2 CanCoat completes the detail. This entry level ceramic coating will last 12+ months with the correct careful maintenance.
Time taken – 1.5 days
Prices from £275
Please note: If a vehicle is anything less than originally described (heavily soiled) the prices will be adjusted accordingly. This will always be discussed with you prior to commencing work.

Optional Extras

~ Engine Bay
~ Headlight Restoration
~ Convertible Roofs