New Car Detail

It is essential that new cars are given the best possible start in their lives. Damage whilst in transportation, storage conditions, and poor prep during the Pre-Delivery Inspection can lead to a long list of defects that may need rectifying for example fine scratches, bird bomb etching, metallic fallout, machine holograms.
Dealers will always try and sell their own poor value for money ‘lifetime paintwork protection system’ such as DiamondBrite, Gard X, LifeShine, Supaguard to name but a few. Due to the in-house valeters working to strict timescales, these products are applied with little or no preparation to the paintwork. This lack of preparation can lead to further damage to the vehicles paint, and the products applied fail to last anywhere near as long as claimed. When a dealership prepares the car, they will spend 1-2 hours maximum, whereas Pro Reflect will spend a minimum of 2 days.
By entrusting Pro Reflect to give your new purchase the best possible start in life, it is imperative that the supplying dealer is asked not to wash the vehicle at all as this will reduce the need for costly paint correction.
In recent years, the industry has really changed and the way forward is to have a ceramic/glass coating applied. These coatings typically last for 18-24 months and even longer in most cases. They are anti-static (meaning less dust build up in dry conditions) and have self cleaning properties giving extremely low maintenance, with no need for re-application or partnering with waxes. These coatings are super hydrophobic, have a high resistance to bird droppings and water spotting; insects and flies don’t tend to stick on the front end (a godsend in the summer months) and being a glass coating they help resist wash marring and light swirling.
~ The Alloy wheels are first given a pre-rinse along with arches and shut lines. If present, Iron fallout is chemically treated and the wheels cleaned (front faces and behind spokes/inner rim if accessible).
~ A Citrus PreWash/Snowfoam to soften flies and other contaminants.
~ Using the 2 bucket method and lambswool wash mitt, the vehicle an extensive wash process using a pH-neutral shampoo.
~ Tar deposits and metallic fallout chemically treated.
~ The vehicle is then given a final rinse.
~ The remaining bonded contaminates are removed with a clay bar treatment leaving the paint as smooth as glass.
~ The vehicle is blown dry with warm filtered air which allows for a safer touch less drying method.
~ The paintwork is then accessed and given a single stage polish by a dual action polisher. This will remove any minor marks and fine scratches, that although the car is new may have picked up from the supplying dealer and leave a perfect surface for the protection to adhere to.
~ Paint coated with SiRamik APT Accredited Only Coating
~ Alloy wheels coated with SiRamik SC-HR (front faces only).
~ Tyres treated with a long lasting, non-flick, dressing.
~ Exhausts polished and sealed with the same heat resistant coating as per the wheels (where possible).
~ Exterior glass sealed with a rain repellent coating
Time taken – 2 days minimum
Prices start from £425 and will depend on vehicle size/condition – heavily pitted, soiled, badly scratched etc.
Please note: If a vehicle is anything less than originally described (badly scratched) the prices will be adjusted accordingly. This will always be discussed with you prior to commencing work.