Following a referral, I was given the task of giving this Ford Focus TDCi a deep clean in the form a new client Maintenance Detail.

This is how it started.

The first noticeable item was this little nugget on the roof. It wasn’t tar but more of a glue/resin based material. Removing it wasn’t a quick process but eventually it was fully removed using a safe glue remover. It wasn’t until the rain had stopped later in the morning that I could see that someone had been here before. There were noticeable straight fine scratches where the glue/resin had been sitting (probably the result of a scouring pad or similar). This marks were removed with Gtechniq P1 on a German Applicator Pad.

mmmmm….gaffa tape…

First up, the wheels were given a thorough clean using Bilberry Wheel Cleaner and various brushes. Any tar spots were removed using CarPro Tar-X before using CarPro Iron-X to remove the unwanted iron content.

Iron-X dissolves iron-containing compounds and particles that most of the time cannot be seen on both paintwork and wheels. The iron particles dissolve after only a few minutes and that is why you get this bleeding effect. Finally the wheels are given a thorough rinse to prevent staining. It doesn’t remove heavy pitting but it is certainly a marked improvement over normal washing.

The next step was to give the whole vehicle a Citrus Pre Wash to help loosen the dirt and whilst that was dwelling all the rubber window seals, door shuts, badges, fuel filler etc are cleaned using a specific brush and Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner.

The vehicle was then rinsed and then washed using Chemical Guys Body Wash and Wax. After further rinsing, it was clear that the water wasn’t running off the paintwork as it should and the whole car was a lacking gloss. This is a clear indication that there were particles embedded in the paint and after gently feeling the surface of the paint with my finger tips, I could feel a slight roughness. Normally claying the vehicle is reserved for more expensive details but I had made good time so far and thought I would give the Focus a quick clay to remove as much as I could.

For reference, this is the clay after only half of the bonnet.

After claying the whole vehicle, the exhaust was given a polish up using 4/0 wire wool and Autosol.

The vehicle was then given a final wash using the same Chemical Guys Body Wash and Wax to remove any clay residue. The Focus was then dried using a Meguiars Last Touch to add gloss, shine and a little protection.

The tyres were dressed with Meguiar’s tyre gel.

Finally on to the interior which only required a thorough dry vacuum. There were some minor staining on the seats and headlining that were removed with Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner.

All plastics cleaned with Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner and later treated with Gtechniq C6.

All glass inside was cleaned with Autoglym Fast Glass. All the rubber mats were scrubbed with Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner before being jet washed, hence being slightly damp in the photos.

The finished result.