Porsche Boxster S – Basalt Black

With my brothers wedding coming up very soon, I needed to get his Boxster ready for the big day.

The roof hadn’t been cleaned since the initial purchase, so was also given a spruce up.

After the initial washing, complete IronX treatment etc, the car was clayed but there was not much to come off which was good.

This is how the car stood after half a days prep for the next stage.

The first full day of machine polishing. As you can see the passenger door was one big hologram.

Passenger door before.

Passenger door after.

Bonnet 50/50

A nice shot of the bonnet after the first full day.

The second day started by completing the two stage polish around the rear.

A wipe down with IPA to remove any polishing oils was then followed by a layer of Collinite 915 Marque D’Elegance was applied.

The interior had a light hoovering as it was pretty clean. The seats were cleaned and fed, all plastics treated and glass cleaned.

The finished article. The sun decided to go away which was disappointing as I had hoped for some good after shots.