2003 Volvo S60R booked for a 3 day Minor Correction including Engine Bay, Interior and SiRamik treatments. A multi stage machine polish to remove the light covering of paint swirls and defects before applying 2 layers of SiRamik SC15 (a super durable ceramic coating that will easily last 2-3 years).

Upon arrival.

Envy’s Iron Awe getting stucking into the metallic particles embedded in the wheels….

….and also the paint.

Washed, clayed, all the usual steps prior to paint correction.

Defects before and after on the carbon splitter.

Defects before and after

Defects before and after

Defects before and after

Polished, defect free and a complete wipedown with Envy’s Filler Killer. Now it’s time for SiRamik application.

Engine was degreased in the initial wash stages and now was wiped down with Filler Killer and dressed with CarPro Perl.

The finished article.

Hi-res pictures from the owner can be found on the following forum – The High Performance Volvo Club