A returning client wanted there Alpina D3 – Sapphire Black Metallic protected for the up and coming Winter and therefore was booked in over a couple of days for a Protection Detail. This is how it started.

First up was the interior. The owners dog is confined to the boot only which thankfully has a boot liner but the hair was still present in the surrounding carpets.

The rest of the interior was given a light vacuum, with all plastics treated with Gtechniq C6.

The following day, the wheels were given a thorough clean using Bilberry Wheel Cleaner and various brushes…

…before all iron contaminants were safely removed with CarPro Iron-X.

After a fair bit of prep, including a Citrus Pre Wash, the Alpina was given it’s first of two washes using Ultra Gloss Bodywash which is a luxury pH-neutral shampoo via a two bucket method.

The Alpina was then clayed to remove further contamination and then washed again.

The Alpina was then moved inside for drying and then the paintwork inspected. As you can see there were plenty of defects going on.

The Alpina was crying out for an Enhancement Detail but my client couldn’t stretch that far as it would have been considerably more money. Therefore a decision had to be made as to what was best for the time allowed. Out of all the panels, the bonnet was in a bad way. More so than the rest of the car and I just couldn’t leave it like it was. It was decided that I would polish out as much as I could with a single pass and Scholl S17+ was chosen.

50/50 shown. The left of the bonnet has been polished and the right of the bonnet showing the swirls.

50/50 shown. Tape was used to divide the bonnet into two sections and when removed clearly shows what has been polished out.

The rest of the Alpina was polished with Poorboys Blackhole.

The wax of choice was Collinite 476s which would easily see it through the winter months and into spring.

The exhaust tips was given a thorough clean with 4/0 wire wool and Autosol.

This is the finished results.