2002 Honda Accord Type-R – Milano Red – Minor Correction Detail

Booked for a 3 day Minor Correction including Engine Bay, Interior, Headlight Restoration and SiRamik treatments. The Accord had the usual paint swirls and oxidation that is common with any red car. To be coated with 2 layers of SiRamik SC15 (a super durable ceramic coating that will easily last 2-3 years).

Upon arrival.

Upon arrival – swirls glistening in the sun.

First job was to tackle the headlights.

Various grades of grit used to cut back the defects…

….before refining by machine. To be coated later with SiRamik SC15.

The usual safe wash routine completed before paintwork correction takes place.

The rear spoiler had recently been removed to be painted due to clearcoat failure. However the bodyshop had decided to refit it with what can only be described as bathroom sealant. So off it came again, not only to give better correction, but to also get rid of the sealant.

With the rear spoiler removed, it meant paint correction could easily be performed across the entire boot lid. Make-up pads soaked with Tar and Glue remover eventually released the offending sealant.

Rear number plate also removed for better correction.

Defects before and after.

The refinement stage before a Filler Killer wipe down in preparation for the SiRamik coating.

2 layers of SiRamik SC15 making the Milano Red super glossy. Spoiler had not been fitted at this stage to allow the coating to be applied over the entire boot lid.

Cutting and refining the spoiler on the kitchen floor.

Engine bay was cleaned by hand and metal work sealed with CarPro Reload.

Under the bonnet was again degreased and polished by hand before applying CarPro Reload.

Rear Spoiler refitted and then coated with 2 layers of SiRamik SC15. Final finishing touches before customer collection.

The finished article.

The finished article. Super Glossy!!!

Hi-res pictures from the owner can be found on the following forum – Volvo Performance Club UK