2012 Lotus Evora S booked for a Protection Detail and a light paint correction on the front clam shell to remove scratches. A credit to the owner who has looked after it correctly since buying it. A Pro Reflect deep clean to start with before being blown dry with the Master Blaster. The front clam shell was dealt with first before using a pre-wax cleanser on the rest of the paintwork. To finish a layer of Collinite 915 Marque D’Elegance applied. All gloss plastic trims coated with CarPro Reload, as were the wheels and exterior glass (not windscreen). Tyres dressed with Envy’s Rubber Lover.

Upon arrival.

The finished results.

The finished results – there is no way of getting to the heatshield hence why it still pitted. The black mark to left of the exhaust pipe had been there since the owner bought it and whatever it was, I couldn’t shift it.