Pro Reflect had this BMW 320D Touring – Platinum Bronze Metallic in a for a Protection Detail with the optional leather cleaning bolt-on.

Usual safe wash, tar removal, clay bar treatment; followed a pre-wax cleaner in the form of Dodo Juice Lime Prime. Chosen wax was Finishkare 1000p and prior to customer collection, the paintwork was topped out with Finishkare 425.

There was a distinct doggy smell coming from the interior. Primarily this was coming from the leather, although I did find some dog biscuits buried behind the rear seats which could have contributed. To start with a good dusting and a light vacuum was required. The leather was cleaned with Dr.Leather Cleaning Wipes. All glass and plastics cleaned. The interior was quite a transformation and cleaning the leather got rid of the doggy smell and made it a pleasant place to sit.

Upon arrival.

Upon arrival – plenty of green moss to remove.

Envy’s Iron Awe dissolving unwanted contaminates from the wheels.

After washing the paintwork was then clayed to remove the remaining bonded contaminates.

Lime Prime and 3M Yellow Pad used to clean the paintwork further prior to wax. This shows how much dirt can be removed. The pad had only been worked on a couple of small panels and it was black already.

The interior upon arrival.

Clean or dirty leather, which do you prefer? 50/50 showing how much dirt was on the leather.

BMW door locks always attract muck, even when it isn’t used. Looking much better now though.

No before pictures of the exhaust but it was covered in tar and grime. Autosmart Tardis shifted the tar, whilst Gtechniq M1 cleaned up the rest.

The finished results.