2014 Audi A3 Sportback in Shiraz Red Metallic. Rarely is a ‘new’ car actually new. Booked for a New Car Detail this Audi, only 6 weeks old, had some marks evident even before starting and after a Pro Reflect safe wash and deep cleanse routine, you could see poor dealer prep all over it. Minor marks corrected with Menzerna PO85RD and a Menzerna Finishing Pad.

Interior received treatments from Gtechniq C6 and L1. Exterior finished with Carbon Collective Platinum Paint and Platinum Wheels. Tyres with Gtechniq T1. Glass finished with Gtechniq G5. Exterior gloss parts received 2 layers of CarPro Reload.

This is how it started.

Part of a sticker left behind.

Marks on the bonnet.

First up, the Audi was snow foamed with Carbon Collective Satsuma Snow Foam.

Audi then washed via the two bucket method, rinsed and then any embedded iron removed with CarPro IronX.

The wheels were hardly contaminated.

Remains of delivery wax removed with Tardis.

Vehicle blown dry and inspected.

This is the bonnet. Plenty of minor marks.

This is the driver door.

Drivers door corrected.

Wheels got an IPA wipe down before receiving a layer of Carbon Collective Platinum Wheels. Exhaust tips got a light polish with Gtechniq M1 and were also sealed with Carbon Collective Platinum Wheels.

Leather protected with Gtechniq L1 and all interior plastics protected with Gtechniq C6.

A light vacuum and the interior looked good.

The finished results.